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Our commitment to biodiversity

Rediscover a territory with extraordinary potential

Our story starts from here

An ethical and environmentally friendly agriculture

This is how a
dream was born

We want to give our contribution to return to a better society, one in the name of the rediscovery of friendship and nature as key values in building stronger bonds, capable of overcoming obstacles.


Our wines are born from the soil of the river Rabiosa, an ancient and forgotten stream. We dedicate ourselves to preserve the biodiversity of this land and help rediscover the authenticity of native and unique products.

Natural wine starts from here

Starts from the vineyard

The vineyard La Rabiosa looks out for the biodiversity of its vineyards by following specific rules, read our disciplinary.

The harvest

Our production of natural wines continues during this season as we hand pick and select only the best clusters.

Amphora-aged wines

We experiment with the refinement of wine in large hand-made amphorae, in order to preserve and enhance the flavor of the grapes.

Numbered bottles

Our production is based on small quantities, this is how we are able to guarantee the best quality.

The Members of La Rabiosa

Santo Boggian

“Man is like game, he can emigrate but his place of origin will always be written in his DNA

Gianni Boggian

“La Rabiosa for me today also represents a bet with which I wanted to put myself on the line for myself and my land”

Gianluca Morello

“I want to fully join the world of agriculture want to focus more on things that I love down to the core.”

Alessio Frison

“The protection of our land has always been a fundamental objective for me, vital I would say.

Our company is actively engaged in the preservation of the territory we belong to. We take. Care of nature and promote its social network by creating useful projects to encourage cultural growth and the safeguarding of our land.